Do all animals mark their territory with Urine?



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    Certainly not all animals, as not all animals are territorial.  However, most mammals have a much better sense of smell than humans do, so even if an animal isn’t intentionally marking its territory when it urinates, another animal can tell a lot from smelling it. 

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    No, urine is only one way a creature can mark their territory.  Bears will scratch trees to leave an imprint of their size as a warning against intruding bears.  Deer and Antelope will not only leave mark on trees, but their feces plays an important role in territory marking.  Many insects leave pheromones to mark their food and/or reproduction territory.  Sound could also be considered territory marking, and birds are not shy when it comes to shouting where they live.

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    Humans are animals… have you ever seen a man mark his territory in this way? 🙂

    Animals will mark their territory when arriving in a new place and claiming it as their own, and also when they feel that somebody is trying to take over their space… if you introduce a new pet or person into your home and your current dog starts spraying, they are just letting the newcomer know who is boss.

    While many assume that only male dogs spray, females can do it as well. However, a fixed dog will be less likely to spray as a way of marking their territory.

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