diseases associated with dirty water kill how many people every day world wide?



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    The numbers are horrific. It’s basically like having a Nazi holocaust every year! in a Pacific Research Institute report (Dirty Water: Estimated Deaths from Water-Related Disease 2000-2020, Peter H. Gleick,) an estimated 2 billion people lack access to “improved sanitation,” and 1.1 billion people lacking access to ” improved water supply.” The estimated deaths, taking into account many factors including rise in population, is about 135 million people from 2002 (when the report was written,) to 2020. That’s 7.5 million people per year!! This is definitely the greatest failure of mankind in history- to not make sure people have access to clean drinking water. 

    I found a great charity (although I’m sure there are hundreds more,) called Charity Water (http://www.charitywater.org/) 100% of donations go towards building wells in poor communities around the world. Pass it on!

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    Dirty water kills 4,000 children worldwide per day.  This is due to lack of sanitation and polluted water.  88% of the deaths are caused by diarrhea.  

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