dirt or rock removed from its original location, destroying the composition of the soil in the process, as in strip-mining, dredging, or construction is called



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    It is absolutely dump, spoil, solid waste, and/or hazardous depending on the nature of the dirt or rock and where that material is displaced to. Soild and hazardous waste often, though not always refer to biological or toxic waste. A dump is simply a glorified pile of trash that a community often placest near its outskirts. Slag heaps are often produced in strip mining, and is a mineral based product, commonly made up of shale, that also must be disposed of.  

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    It could be called a lot of things, but “fill” is the term most commonly used by mining companies. It sounds nicer than any of the other things one might call it, so people in the industry prefer that term.

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    in which of the following ways do people increase the concentrationof greenhouse gases in the atmosphare?

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