is direct buy home makeover and getaway legitimate?

i got a phone call from direct buy saying i won a $100 restaurant card and a 3 day 2 night getaway and that I’m a top ten finalist to win a $50,000 home makeover. They said I have to go in to direct buy and let them show me the showroom and then i get my “prize”. I looked up direct buy and theyre a legitimate business and i saw that they really do do these home makeovers but i feel like its a scam. on the other hand, if its real, i dont wanna miss out on it.



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    Direct Buy is a legitimate business, but it requires a membership which costs money.  They probably want you to go into the show room so they can try to sell you it.  They might even require you to buy a membership to “claim” your prize.  If you intend to go be prepared for a very long and determined presentation.  Unless you need quite a bit of furniture, the membership cost might not be worth the prize.

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