Is Dimethyl ether a good thing?



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    Dimethyl ether has several commercial uses, including as a propellant in aerosols, as a methylating agent in dyes, an extraction agent, solvent and refrigerant. It is a liquefied and flammable gas that in contact with skin can cause cold burns. The chemical makeup is C2H6O. While definitely useful, it is still a dangerous chemical, harmful if breathed in–and therefore surely not good for the rest of the environment, either.

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    Dimethyl ether is a substitute for gasoline, diesel, liquid petroleom and natural gases. It is produced from coal, natural gas, and biomass (organic material from plants and animals). Given the fact that it’s a substitution for gasoline and such, it is a good thing. However, considering that it is made from coal and natural gas, it is also bad. Natural gas and coal are limited resources; plus they can produce some noxious fumes that are harmful for the environment.

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