Is digital media technology green?



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    E-newspapers are definitely “greener” than traditional newspapers because they do not require any paper to spread the word. There is something amazing and truly revolutionary about the way things are beginning to be run (how we are doing things). In the future, digital-based communication systems will replace everything from mail to travel (at least the need to travel in some cases will be replaced as tele-conferencing become more accessible and convenient), money (what a waste!) to text books, from newscasts to voting systems. We’re in for an exciting and more efficient next 10 or 15 years of change!

    Digitize it and Universalize it! That’s what I say — when talking about Systems in General.

    You have no idea how many times I’ve filled out the same *()%$&*(! applications or forms which could have been saved on file and kept track of from the time when I was born on…  I want my SSN linked to my bank account, my job and housing applications, my tax forms, etc; and by 2035 I don’t want to see one more paper dollar or a metal coin—these resources are too precious and the potential for crime to be eliminated is to great to continue to rely on an outdated system! There is no telling what the future holds for us in the way of convenience, efficiency, protection and fairness! Let the technology take us where it will—to a near Utopia!

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