Is digital animation better for the environment?



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    The ways that digital animation is superior probably involves lack of materials like inks, paper, and chemicals used in the animation process. Digital animation has allowed artists to sidestep a lot of this process, but at the same time, results in higher energy consumption since rendering and powering additional computers in a studio takes up a significant amount of energy. This is just conjecture–less chemicals around means less likelihood of it being poured down the wrong drain, and using less paper is always good–but without a solid means of weighing the cost-benefits of these processes short of discussing things at length with an animation studio that has made the switch, and a scientist capable of crunching the numbers and analyzing the results, it’s difficult to say with any solid basis.

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    Digital animation is good for the environment in the sense that artists don’t have to use nearly as much paper as they used to, to draw sketches and come up with characters. On the other hand, they use the computer to come up with these stories, which also requires electrical energy. There are pros and cons for digital animantion.

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