different factors that affect nitrogen cycle



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    The first thing that comes to mind is the use of nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture, which is supposed to boost crop productivity. Of course, applying too much of these fertilizers results in excess nitrogen that does not get assimilated by crops and either ends up leaching into groundwater or carried away as runoff into surface waters, causing an overload of this nutrient which leads to eutrophication. Additionally, when nitrogen-rich soil gets wet, it increases the rate at which nitrogen is returned to the atmosphere in the form of nitrous oxide, which happens to be a greenhouse gas. Nitrogen is also released into the atmosphere through automobile and factory emissions in the form of NOx gases, which play a role in the formation of toxic ozone and acid rain.

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    Also, there are various species of plants that can help fix nitrogen in the soil. These can be used instead of fertilizers to help boost nitrogen levels in soil. 

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