difference between insects and birds



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    The defining characteristics of insects are their possession of exoskeletons, compound eyes, three-part bodies, antennae, and three pairs of jointed legs. They are found in nearly every single type of environment on Earth, and are the most abundant type of creature, representing over half of all living organisms. Insects are arthropods.

    Birds are characterized by their feathers, toothless beaks, four-chambered hearts, laying of hard-shelled eggs, ability to fly, and lightweight skeletons. Birds are generally less social than insects; many live in pairs or small groups, while many insects live in very large groups. Birds are also higher up on the food chain than insects, as insects are a large part of many birds’ diets.

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    first of all birds are bigger second of all birds lay hard-shelled eggs. Birds are also higher up in the food chain, many of them are the preditors of insects.

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