Is diesel a cleaner source of energy then gasoline?



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    In the past diesel was definitely not a cleaner energy source than gasoline, but now it is progressively getting better. Due to advancements and improvements in diesel engine technology, diesel is becoming much cleaner. Certain cars that run on diesel release 15% lower greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline cars, and two diesel-fueled cars- the BMW 335d and the Volkswagon Golf TDI- have been listed among the top 10 green cars of 2010. Overall, diesel is becoming much cleaner than it was before, and may eventually be much cleaner than gasoline.

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    Some people like to use biodiesel fuel. A diesel engine, without modification, can also run on vegetable oil, though it is far less efficient, especially with the high demands placed on diesel engines. People generally do it as a statement or green experiment in their lifestyle, though it has some adamant followers.

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