Did we test botox on animals before we started using it on humans?



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    Yes, and we still do.  Before each batch of Botox is shipped, it is tested on animals.  Testers inject mice until they finds the dose at which half the mice injected die to test its potency and meet federal regulations.

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      Holy Cow! Animal testing is crazy, I understand that mice breed faster than we can use them but still there has to be a better way to test for these types of things.

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    Animal rights groups are very vocal about Botox being used on animals. As with all drug testing, Botox requires many tests to “get it right” and find the right potency. Many animals die during this test, since the lethal dose for 50% of the group needs to be calculated. The reason animal rights groups and other people don’t like this being done for this particular drug is that its a vanity drug for smoothing wrinkles.

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    If you look back at the interesting history of botox (which starts in the 1820s with toxic sausages contaminated with food-borne botulism) you will find out that even before it was used to stop wrinkles, it was tested on monkeys.  It was found that botox was an effective muscle relaxant and could be used as a treatment for crossed eyes.

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