Did we recycle a lot of metal from the cash for clunkers cars?



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    690,114 older cars were taken off the road, including 450,778 SUVs and other light trucks that likely lacked electronic stability control and other modern safety equipment. These cars were all recycled or reused. Generally, car parts that still function, such as engines, radiators, wheels and panels are first stripped from the vehicles for reuse in other cars. Then defunct parts are reincarnated as something else. Tires are transformed into asphalt and mud flaps or reconstituted as fuel. Windshields are turned into wine and beer glasses, as well as lamps and counter tops. Used oil filters are transformed into cans, refrigerators and structural beams, or they’re cleaned up and refurbished as new oil filters. Floor mats and truck bed liners are ground down and rebuilt as new versions of their former selves.

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