Did they ever find out why all those birds died in Arkansas?



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    The explanation given for the sudden rain of dead blackbirds in Arkansas, on New Year’s Eve at around 11:30 p.m., were loud noises and crashes due to the lighting of fireworks in the vicinity of the particular roost of birds.

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    The mass death of the 5,000 or so starlings, grackle, and blackbirds is also thought to be caused by a weather event. According to a Cornell University Ornithologist, it is very likely that a sudden storm swept them up into the air and made them so cold and wet that they died. Another explanation is that they could have just become disoriented by the storm, which could have startled them and caused them to fly into things.

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    There are several theories as to why all of those birds died in Arkansas. A weather event sounds like the most plausibel, fireworks were considered.There was also concern that seismatic activity of the earth was responsible.

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