Did there used to be more grizzlies in America than Canada?



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    It’s possible — even likely, if you include Alaska, which currently has 30,000 grizzly bears to Canada’s 20,000. The grizzly used to live through all of western N. America, well down into Mexico. Estimates of the U.S. population before the arrival of Europeans are 50,000-100,000 individuals. Today, estimates of the American population in the lower 48 come out around 1,300 individuals. So, considering that the grizzly has not lost as much of its range or suffered as much pressure in Canada (though it has certainly felt the effects of human colonization), and the massive difference between historic and current US populations, and the sheer amount of range they used to have in America … yes, I think it’s reasonable to believe the US had more grizzlies than Canada in the past.

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