Did sesame street teach kids about nature?



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    Yes, Sesame Street features a variety of environmental themes and stories. Most recently, Sesame Workshop, the non-profit organization behind the popular show, will launch a nationwide campaign designed to nurture young children’s appreciation and love for nature by supporting their innate sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world. Sesame Street will weave nature themes more directly into the television program for Season 40 (launching November 2009), as well as other Sesame Workshop materials such as books, home videos and toys. The Sesame Street Muppets will encourage children to explore their curiosity in the outdoors through hands-on activity. Children will also learn simple, age-appropriate ways of showing care and stewardship for the environment.

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    Yes, Sesame Street has taught kids about various aspects of nature. Many episodes included information about various cultures, like Native Americans and their use of natural resources. In addition, the program now includes an entire curriculum that focuses on Nature.

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