Did people ever use zebras for transportation or as pack animals like horses?



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    Some people have tried. But the zebra has never really been domesticated like its cousin the horse. Zebras are more aggressive and much more unpredictable than a horse. They evolved in a much more harsh environment. Africa has some of the biggest most fearsome predators on the planet and Zebras evolved to avoid such predators including humans trying to capture and corral them.

    For an interesting read on man and animal domestication check out Jared Diamonds Book “Guns Germs and Steel”

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    Many people have tried to domesticate Zebras, however most have been unsuccessful due to their unpredictable nature and because they panic under many situations. This is probably because they are constantly the under the treat of being hunted, so they must stay alert. Instead, most domesticated Zebras are crosses between some form of horse, donkey or other equine animal, which makes them more docile and easier to train.

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