Did the old tube televisions use more power than the new flat screens?



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    When you compare televisions of equal size the answer is yes.  The bigger the television, the more power is consumes.  Since old tube televisions were somewhat limited in size they were not as power hungry as many of the LCD and plasma televisions that can be upwards of 60″.  Strictly from an energy efficiency standpoint, current technologies are more efficient than older technologies.

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    Don’t forget your third option of projectors!  Projectors, unlike LCD televisions have an adjustable view screen (13-300 inches measured diagonally), can be viewed from any angle without changing the optimum viewing experience, is very small and more portable, and when you turn it off it cuts off energy use entirely.  TVs when turned off are often simply in ‘standby’ mode, meaning it is still using energy even when you aren’t using it.  And if the TV breaks you have to replace the entire thing.  They do have longer lifespans than a projector bulb, but if it breaks you can replace it for much cheaper and still use the same projector unit. 

    Not to mention that your living room doesn’t have to be dominated by a giant television all the time.  You can simply unroll a screen or move a picture frame, and there you have it, a cozy room turns into a media center.  I have one myself, wouldn’t trade it for any of the new fancy ridiculously large TV screens.

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