Did the old big boxed big screen TV’s use a lot of energy?

What would be the equivalent.



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    No. On the whole televisions do not use a lot of energy and the older televisions used less, on average, than the new ones simply because their screens were smaller. Even though the box was big the screen size was rarely over 30″, which seems tiny by todays standards. The LA times article linked to below says that the average 50″ plasma television uses three times as much energy as the old cathode ray televisions which means that the Plasma uses about 360 watts to the old televisions 120 watts.

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    Yes, the old cathode ray tube type televisions did use a lot of energy, about 30 percent more than typical LCD monitors use today. On average, the old CRT televisions used 3.4 watts per screen inch.
    A study in Japan estimated that if half of the CRT monitors were replaced with LCD monitors, it would be possible to shut down six power plants. This study was for computer monitors, not televisions, however.

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