Did Obama keep any of Bush’s appointees to environmental positions?



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    Not very many. When a new Presidential administration turns over, particularly from one party to another, there is a general “housecleaning” of personnel, and the old administrators usually don’t expect to stay on into the new administration. This happens in all offices, not just environmental ones. Sometimes there is an exception if the incoming president is of the same political party as the outgoing one, but that has not happened in American history since the first George Bush took over from Ronald Reagan in 1989. When Obama got into office last year he appointed a new slate of key environmental positions including Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy and Lisa P. Jackson as head of the EPA. This having been said, the lower level employees of many federal agencies, typically those who do not require any sort of political appointment or confirmation, often stay on even through a change in party administrations. This is because federal employees by and large are not viewed as political appointments. So while many of the rank-and-file employees of the EPA, Department of the Interior and other environmental agencies have stayed on from the Bush administration (or even before), their bosses are new.

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