Did Obama do a good job trying to get the Olympics here?



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    I watched his speech, and as always Obama is a terrific orator. Regardless if he did a good job or not, there are WAY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS that he should be focusing his time on rather than something that will take place when he is no longer eligible to be president.

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    I think he did. If Chicago was awarded the olympics it would have been a large boost to the local economy, which I’m guessing Obama would be excited about, since he lived in the Hyde Park area of Chicago.

    As a Chicago-land native I understand the cons of what would of happen though if Chicago did recieve the Olympics for 2016. Many people would be relocated for Olympic structures due to that Chicago really doesn’t have any room to expand. Northwest Indiana, Southeast Wisconsin and Chicago Suburbs would have to accomodate some of the visitors and possibly have events held in those areas. The local economy would improve, but so many things would be changed for this two week event.

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