Did the Obama administration downplay the BP oil spill?



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    It is quite possible the Obama administration downplayed the BP oil spill, the question should be whether or not it was intentional. When you look at how many other national (and world) crises that have taken place in the past ten years or so you begin to realize that not all of them can be at the forefront of our concerns. I think the Obama administration did a good job of acknowledging the fact that it happened and did the best it could to dampen the worry about our already depleated oil source. In government there is a fine line between hiding information/downplaying a situation, and doing what is necessary from giving the public a nervous breakdown about our economical, environmental and political state. FOr that we can look to other sources. Funny video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AAa0gd7ClM

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