Did more people die from earthquakes in 2010 than ever before?



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    No; in 526 AD about 250,000 were killed in one quake in Syria; in 1556 830,000 died in one quake in China; 300,000 in one in India in 1737; probably about 255,000 in Tangshan China in 1976; the quake and tsunami in southeast Asia in 2004 kille about 230,000, and that’s just one event.

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    No, but it ranks pretty high on the list. The total death toll for 2010 was almost 227,000, whereas 2009 had not quite 2000, and 2008 over 88,000. Estimates of the death toll for any earthquake are never absolute, but even with variability there have been other years with greater death tolls. In 1556 830,000 died from an earthquake in Shaanxi China alone.

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