Did the Kyoto protocol reduce peoples carbon footprints?



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    It had mixed results.

    Quoting from two answers to related questions: “it looks like almost a half (18 out of 41) the Annex I (industrialized) countries failed to reduce their emissions. Many other countries that signed the Kyoto Protocol had an increase in emissions as well. Turkey had the highest increase, followed by Spain and Portugal.”

    On the other hand, many nations succeeded in significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions: “based on UN data on carbon emissions from 1990-2007, Latvia leads with a 54.7% reduction, followed by Ukraine at 52.9%, and another ten countries out of the former Soviet block. Data from Energy Information Administration of the US DOE on 1992-2007 emissions includes fewer nations. Latvia’s not in the list, so Ukraine gets the first place with -33.8%.”

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