Did Ecuador get money from Chevron?



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    Yes. Per court order, Chevron was ordered to pay $9 billion in damages to the Ecuadorian people in February this year. The decision is one of the largest environmental awards ever, and came because of Chevron’s critical role in the pollution of the remote Ecuadorian jungle. The court battle between the American corporation and Ecuadorian villages lasted 17 years, but the money has yet to be paid since the appeals process is still going on, which could take years. 

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    Although Ecuador won an $18 billion judgment in February, Chevron has vowed never to settle.

    Since this February, Chevron has sued to prevent the plaintiffs from enforcing the judgment in the United State. Chevron alleged that there was fraud on the part of the plaintiffs.

    Next, Chevron won an injunction from a federal court in New York. This injunction halted law firm Patton Boggs’ planned effort to enforce the $18 billion judgment in other courts around the world.

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