Did the creators of Avatar give any of the money they made to environmental organizations?



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    It has not been reported if James Cameron (producer of Avatar) or any of the other creators gave any of their money to any environmental organizations. They very may well have done so in private, but there has been no public statements on it, so there is no way to tell. The movie, Avatar, does bring up some environmental issues so it may have helped spread awareness to the over 40 million people who watched it..

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    The creators of Avatar may not have donated to environmental organizations, but they have donated to the environment. James Cameron and 20th Century Fox created the Avatar Home Tree Initiative-A Global Effort to plant one million trees in honor of the Avatar movie. One of these Avatar forests is in the Netherlands. The initiative involves the local youth and spreads awareness of environmental protection. James Cameron has already planted one million trees in Brazil, but he says the world needs one billion.

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