Did the Clinton administration really triple the clear-cutting of old-growth forests? I saw this on a flyer handed out by members of the Green Party.



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    It is hard to find the exact numbers, but there was a major scandal regarding logging. The so-called salvage rider legislation, passed in 1995 by the Clinton Administration, among other things allowed “sales … that fall under the president’s Northwest Forest Plan, as well as sales dating back to 1990 in Oregon and Washington that had been held up for environmental reasons”. In effect, that vastly expanded the number of old-growth forest that could be cut in that area, while bypassing environmental laws that used to restrict that cutting. A year later it was modified to limit it to “emergency conditions” – in effect, repealing it – along with closing of 157 logging sites. The Northwest Forest Plan itself came under criticism of environmentalists. I can’t find any hard figures though – you might want to contact the Green Party itself concerning the data they used for the flier.

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