Did the cash for appliances program work as good as the cash for clunkers program?



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    While the Cash for Clunkers program was administered by the federal government, each state had its own Cash for Appliances program. In some states, the program worked better than Cash for Clunkers; in others, it fared worse. The success of the program depends on how you view it. Success could be defined by how many people participated in the program and received their “economic stimulus” money or by how many kilowatt hours of electricity were spared by bringing in appliances. Pennsylvania, for instance, was very slow to participate, since the state only accepted heating water and air appliances, which use more Kwh. However, the state will spare more KwH per dollar spent on the program–an energy success! Massachusetts and Minnesota, on the other hand, offered the cash for old refrigerators and sold out in 1-2 days–a participation/monetary success.

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