Did anyone else feel the 5.9 earthquake in Virginia?

I felt it in Brooklyn. If so, where are you located?



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    yeah, a few tens of millions of people felt it.

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      I know that. It was felt from Raleigh to Canada. You don’t have to let me know. I wanted to see if people would tell me where there were so that I could see, for my own purposes, how far reaching it was.

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    I live in Massachusetts, and while I didn’t feel it, I heard from lots of others who did up here, although nothing serious. I also have a friend who lives in DC, and in the lab he works in, the force was strong enough to knock loose equipment off the tables and onto the floor. 

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      Thanks for the response! It’s interesting to hear about all the different places in which people experienced this singular event. cool! (And not cool about the lab equipment!)

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    Many people from the Washington, DC metro area to New York, Ohio, Martha’s Vineyard, North Carolina, New Jersey, Canada etc. felt this quake.  The last quake to hit NJ at a 5.5 on the scale was in 1884!  Being a California native and survivor of the 1989 quake this wasn’t so bad for me.

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