Did any of your high school teachers try and teach you about environmental awareness?



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    Yes. My biology teacher was the advisor for L.E.A.F. (Lynbrook Environmental Awareness Federation). She kept us up-to-date on local events, helped run our meetings, and encouraged discussion on issues and what we could do for our community. Probably our largest contribution for the campus was going through dumpsters to make sure recyclables were separated properly. I kind of took it for granted back then, but I think she really helped lay a foundation for the club’s members to take the environment seriously into consideration.

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    In general no, none of my teachers tried to strongly encouraged environmental issues or actions. I wish that more of my teachers emphasized ecoresponsibility and of how we each are responsible for protecting the environment in which we live. I was part of my school’s environmental club and my advisor who was a teacher was very helpful however only those who were part of the club were able to benefit from her tips and advice. I’m sure of more teachers talked to their classes about this, students would listen.

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