Did any celebrities throw any green parties for the oscars?



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    Yes. Jessica Alba hosted a green “pre-Oscars” party. Also, there was a larger pre-Oscar party sponsored by Global Green USA, which many celebrities attended. Some celebrities on the roster were Orlando Bloom, Penelope Cruz, Woody Harrelson, and others. It seems a little silly to me to hold a “green party” before an extremely resource-intensive event like the Oscars…

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    Although thrown by the Global Green USA company, celebrities like Orlando Bloom, Neil Patrick Harris, Penelope Cruz, and Zachary Quinto (to name a few) hosted the 7th annual Pre-Oscar Party this year on March 3rd at Avalon Hollywood in California. Tickets ran from a general admission fee of $75 to a parton price of $2500 for the VIP lounge, eco gift bag, and after party. All the proceeds went to creating greener schools, businesses, and homes in America.

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