Did the 350.org day of action on October 24 really have any impact on raising awareness of climate change?



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    Though it’s hard to quantify the effect that an effect like the October 24 Day of Action has on public consciousness, it seems safe to say that this particular event really did have an impact on awareness of the need for urgent action on global warming.  350.org, the group that organized the event, had considerable success directing media attention to events that happened on October 24th.  Many 350 Day actions were designed to create photograph-able images for the media to focus on, and the day of action made front-page headlines in several important headlines.  In addition, the 350.org organizers have now taken their message to the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen, and are using images from the Day of Action to educate global decision-makers about public support for a strong climate treaty.  Several of the most encouraging moments to come out of the Copenhagen meetings so far have happened when activists and leaders from the countries most vulnerable to global warming have come together to demand a target of 350 ppm carbon dioxide be incorporated into the climate treaty.

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