Is diamond mining really bad for the environment?



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    As always, their are two sides to this story.  Environmentalists and activists state that diamond mining pits, equipment, and chemicals that are used take over good farmland, contaminate local water supplies, and destroy wildlife habitat.  However,  those who mine state that they have protocols in place to ensure that the environment is minimally affected.  These protocols include providing new habitat for animals whose home may be compromised, processing and treating water that comes off the mining site, and pursuing research into sustainable development.  The two citations below give both sides of the story.

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    As usual, there are many previous answers to this question.

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    Digging a deep, cavernous hole into the ground is always bad for the immediate environment – though, if on a small scale, it is not necessarily something from which that particular environment cannot rebound. Diamond mining, at the scale associated with industrial extraction, is incorrigibly bad for the environment.

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