Is the diamond industry bad for the environment?



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    Mining for diamonds, much like any other form of mining, will undoubtedly always disturb the environment. Mining always consists of removing top soil that plants need to grow in order to take drilling samples and such. Though many mining facilities attempt to keep their upset of the local ecosystems to a minimum, there are operations (usually from illegal or unscrupulous sources) that do not abide by such rules. These bad operations are usually the product of ‘blood diamond’ dealers, which are diamond operations that use the money earned from diamond sales to fuel warlords and violence in Africa and other places. The industry tries to regulate and keep these operations from distributing their diamonds, and so it is always best to be sure your diamonds come from a legitimate source. Among top soil removal, the industry also produces air, soil, and water pollution from the digging machinery, but regulations have helped to keep such things down. 

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