Is designing a green house a lot more difficult?



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    In some ways designing a “green” home is more difficult, but it carries many benefits, including being more cost effecient in the long run.  When building an eco-friendly homestead one of the most important things to consider is location.  The green home should compliment it’s natural environment and be made to last for a long time.  For example, some such homes are built by digging and building a house into the hillside, because the temperature of the soil stays at a comfortable level year round, saving on heating and cooling costs.  Other principles of good green home design include solar passive heating, a naturally cooled pantry, and effecient drainage systems.

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    Yes, designing a green home can be a lot more difficult than building a traditional home.  The up-front costs alone are likely to add some reluctance.  There are also many more questions to ask. Am I most worried about energy efficiency? Water conservation? Can I maintain a garden? What kind of heating systems should I install? The list goes on.  For example, if you install low-flow plumbing systems you can still take your long showers without worrying about all the water you are wasting.  But other options may make you cut your shower time in half or have you waiting for it to warm up.  Also not all low energy appliances make sense for your house.  Based on location certain appliances will not provide a turnover savings or may not even work! While extensive planning, research and time will go into designing an eco friendly home the benefits will be well worth it.

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