In the desert should we have lawns at our houses?



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    Not only do lawns use a tremendous amount of water in a desert, but landscaping with more water-needy plants can actually change the climate of the area. When you put together all the thousands of lawns and their sprinklers, eventually the area will become more humid. There are more responsible ways to landscape, using native and hardier plants.

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    The main problem with maintaining a lawn in the desert is that is uses a lot of water. It would be beneficial to consider reducing the size of your lawn, or using some other type of landscaping. If you do have a lawn, there is a nice guide for how to maintain it in the most water-efficient way possible here.

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    If you have a desert home, I suggest having a small lawn space. If possible use a artificial turf. This will lower maintanence and you will still have an area for surface runoff.

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