describe why finding solutions to environmental problems is so difficult



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    One of the reasons that finding solutions to environmental problems is so difficult is that since there are so many of them, a lot of things that we do to help one just negatively affects another.  Take for instance an example where we want to put in a solar energy field in order to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels.  This requires us to either clear an area of land (affecting the problem with deforestation and habitat loss) or find a large open field (which could have been used for another purpose and negatively affects its ecosystem).  There are just so many problems and solutions, but there aren’t enough resources to perform them, or we are hurting another area by solving one problem.

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    Many environment issues are very complex and we do not have a lot of knowledge about so many things in nature and the world. It takes people of many different disciplines to come together and collaborate to try to figure out how complicated systems and harmful effects are working in the natural world. It is expensive to organize such people and often times further studies are needed to learn enough information or to consider information in a new light.

    The important keys are to study as much about the natural environment as we can. We must have all scientisits, government, and the general public try to compromise and take actions that are best for the environment. Finally, all of this must be appropriately and adequately funded.

    This is why it is so difficult to take positive action!

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