describe prozac in laymans terms



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    According to the company’s site, “PROZAC is an prescription medicine used to treat depression.” They go on to list various types of depression that are treated, and a couple other things it treats, also, including Panic Disorder.

    We need to be really careful describing depression, because some depression, such as the loss of a pet, is normal. The depression PROZAC treats is “clinical depression”, which implies a non-normal depression that doesn’t fade over time. (See the second link, below.)

    As you can guess from the name, a clinical depression needs to be diagnosed by a professional: You can’t just go in and ask for PROZAC because you’ve been feeling down for a couple days. Look at the Mayo Clinic for guidelines, two weeks is considered significant — but only if certain things are true.

    Also, have a very, very careful look at the problems and side effects of PROZAC. (In the first citation.) And the other warnings (such as: NO ALCOHOL). There’s a long list of people who either shouldn’t take it, or who seem to be taking some kind of health risk. And you might be thinking: “Hey, all those side effect won’t happen to me, I’m not allergic to things, and I’m a healthy person!” Wrong. I took a different drug which also had a long list of side effects. I ended up getting them ALL. Including ones I thought were minor, such as a rash. When I phoned the advice nurse — they practically sent an ambulance out for me. All on account of that drug.

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