Describe the four stages of Bowlby’s conceptualization of attachement ??



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    Not exactly sure if this is what you are referring to, but there are 4 features of an attachment bond:

    1. proximity maintenance—the attached wants to be in close proximity
    2. separation distress—the attachedhas an increase in anxiety during unwanted or prolonged separation
    3. safe haven—the attachment figure is a source of comfort and security and the individual experiences less anxiety in their company
    4. secure base—the attachment figure is a base of security from which the attached explores the social and physical world.
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    The ideas of attachment and human development in their need for attachment first was studied by Bowlby and then was added to by Mary Ainsworth. The four stages for babies behavior patterns with regard to attachment are secure, avoidant, ambivalent/resistant, and disorganized. In the secure attachment phase the baby uses the caregiver as a secure base for exploration and protests the caregiver leaving. In the avoidant stage the baby has little or no sharing in play, little distress at caregiver departure, and treats caregiver similar to strangers. In the ambivalent/resistant stage teh baby is unable to use the caregiver as a secure base, but seeks proximity and is preoccupied with caregiver availability and angry when it is not achieved. In the disorganized stage the baby has a lack of a coherent attachment strategy shown by contrary, disorienting behaviors.

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