Is the dependence on oil bad or is it because we import it?



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    Many believe that our dependence on oil has the potential of using up this natural resource. Additionally, we are charged quite a bit of money to import it and our vehicles are just now beginning to be fuel efficient compared to our foreign counterparts.

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    The dependence on oil is bad because there is a limited amount that we can extract with our current technology. This means that eventually, oil will become a scarce commodity and we’ll need alternative sources of energy to function. This probably won’t happen for a long, long time, but it will happen. That’s why it’s important to start setting down infrastructure to support electric cars, smart grids, etc. so that if oil becomes scarce (and/or expensive), we’ll have something to fall back on.
    Furthermore, while advances in technology may give us the means to obtain more oil over the next few decades, we have to consider the damage drilling and extracting may cause to the planet and the environment, which means sticking with oil may not be a good idea.

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