Is democracy good for making environmental decisions?



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    No. Democracy in this case would be limiting. Environmental decisions should be made after consulting fact based science. People who actually know what they’re talking about. Experts should make the call on such an important decision. 

    But democracy has to deal with people who aren’t experts, and believe what they want. If there are enough of them they will stop the whole process. 

    In a fact based decision non-experts opinions should be ignored, but in a democracy they’re not. That’s why governments around the world struggle to get their eco laws underway. 

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    Pure democracy (absolute majority rule) is probably never the best course to take when making any major decision, including this one. I would agree that facts must be presented to elected officials that can review said facts and make an informed decision, which is much harder to do with the masses. Ideally, the official would represent the will of his people, and vote accordingly with knowledge in hand. If not properly informed, people en mass came bring ignorance and wild emotions into their decision making, and is never good for a sensitive issue such as environmentalism. 

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