Is democracy bad for the environment?



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    It can be if you have an uninformed public. If every single person voted and every single person did not care about environmental issues, then you see how it could be detrimental to the environment. As far as ideas that are bad for the environment, capitalism is the culprit of most of the environmental degradation on Earth today. It makes the poor poorer, and the rich richer and both sides have a profound effect on the environment by their ways of life. It also promotes rampant consumption, which is the foundation to the capitalistic system.

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    Democracy is perhaps the best system for the environment.  Under a democratic government, laws such as the Clean Air Act can be passed, governmental bodies such as the Enivornmental Protection Agency can be created.  There is also transperancy within the government.  Chernobyl, perhaps the worst nuclear accident that has ever occured came out of the former Soviet Union.  The USSR had no transparency in government, and tried to cover up the accident.  To this day, the Russians have still not fully disclosed what occured, nor actively helped the victims of this disaster.

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