Is delivery better for the environment than going out?



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    Good question. I don’t know if there is a definite answer to this one though, because there are a ton of factors at play here. Consider: If the delivery guy or gal is driving a hybrid, and you have a Chevy Suburban an you are going to take your 8 kids out to the restaruant or have them bring the food to you, it is probably better for them to bring the food to you (it requires less fuel to be wasted / carbon emissions released). But if it were the other way around, then it’d make sense for you to take the hybrid to go to the restaurant (or pick up the food rather than have them deliver it to you in that old muscle car without an exhaust pipe/ catalytic converte)…. but you can imagine a scenario in which the Pizza Delivery guy or gal would be driving right by your house anyway, so in theory, having them just drop off your food on the way to the Johnsons’ next door, would definitely be more eco-friendly than even taking your Prius to get the food. It’s all about what has to be spent (fuel/ energy/ emissions wise)…. imagine this: If you had a track that allowed you to deliver just the food (and say a 10 pound carrying cart) you could eliminate the need for 3500 pounds of metal and plastic to be carried around… so I’m going to go with delivery is the better option (eco-wise), we just need a much more efficient transportation system to replace the fossil fuel powered one we’ve got!

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