Is deforestation the worst thing we do to the environment?



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    Deforestation does very severe damage to the environment but there are other ways to ruin the environment as well. In today’s day and age, pollution is probably equally as bad, and remember that there is also noise pollution in the ocean that massively disturbs the marine wildlife. 

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    I do not think that deforestation is the WOrst thing we do. A smentioned above, noice, pollution, construction and many others. Not only does is ruin the forest it removes all wildlife and most ecosystems. If we continue to do all of these things I mentioned we will one day have no nore forest areas. Nature needs to be balanced and it has been proven in the past that when all is used up and gone a massive switch would occur(such as an iceage). We need to do more and put back into the earth more than what we use/waste up.

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    I agree, deforestation is bad for the environment, but I think that there are much worse things. I think that we put more bad stuff in the environment that we take out. Pollution and waste that we create are having a longer impact on the Earth.  

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