this is definitely not the last week of the thing

Follow Vieri eyes look at the past, Chen Xi found a familiar figure. It is Vieri’s ex-girlfriend Cali NASDAQ few men around there laughing.

“Turned out to be run into former are divided, nike nfl jerseys,what scruples? You see her, not to socialize quite a good thing,” Chen Xi advised shook his head.

“You do not know how to” the Vieri exhibit his rare deep. Then he looked Chen Xi, one seriously, said: “If I say I really love her, do you believe it?”

Looked Vieri’s eyes, determined to give a positive answer, this guy does not suddenly laughed out said his fooled, he nodded his head and said: “The letter”

Vieri laugh, bitterly: “She loves me, but do not want to marry me.”

Chen Xi feeling today the story is wrong, ah, how more and more the feeling of Qiong Yao drama.

“Do you propose to her?” Chen Xi asked, surprised.

“Well, she refused to” Vieri and filling a wine said.

“To be honest, If I were a woman, also not assured to marry you,” Chen Xi said with a chuckle.

“I know, so I do not blame her,” Vieri looked soulful Cali Jonas said.

Rare to see the the soulful looks like Vieri Chen Xi do not think they can untie the knot. So he looked away.

Suddenly, he saw a familiar figure …

538 The hotel is a waste of money, sleep my house!

Carlo Lena as the Czech Republic’s top supermodel, also invited to participate in the Milan Fashion Week VIP party.

She and Chen Xi, also do not like such an occasion.

But as one of this circle, she also somewhat involuntarily.

She has always been an outcast in supermodel circles, Coach Purses outlet,is not welcomed by colleagues, if even such a thing she maverick, in this circle, she is even more impossible mix.

So, she came to this case, and Chen Xi, everywhere around. Occasionally encountered two acquaintances, that is, with a smile and say hello, greeting look.

Her temper is very straight, do not like the infighting between this woman.

This is why she prefers to deal with the reasons and Zhang Yi as mere female students.

Today, in this party, watching some of my colleagues, nfl jerseys authentic,one by one like a socialite in general, go around the side of the rich or star. She feels that they are both sad and funny.

Sadly, they have a good income as a model. Performance in this upscale occasions with ji ~ women soliciting in the street is no different, does want to find a rich or famous people backing. They want to obtain fame and wealth.

The irony is that, usually they are in the private one are exceptionally aloof, in stark contrast with today’s performance.

Even more interesting is that when when they are hooked up to succeed, but also arms around the man hooked on her round, to show off, as if this is how honorable thing in general.

This does not, this will have a face hypocrisy smiley blonde with her arm around a figure obviously some fat looks with the a somewhat wretched middle-aged man walking toward her over.

Carlo Lena, how one ah? Last not heard if someone send you to catwalk Well Ferrari? Is that boyfriend so early you kick? “The woman saw a solitary Caroline Na, in the eyes obviously flashed a light. Then came Carlo Lena said with a smile. Compared to her smile, her words are extraordinarily strident

Carlo Lena to hear her words, frowned. Last time, she spend the night in the house in Chen Xi. The next day, Chen Xi drove place she went catwalk. When she got out of the car, seen by many peers.

Carlo Lena looking for a rich boyfriend message that spread quickly around the circle.

Often it was ironic she said she normally looks like this sort of thing is very exclusive and a lofty look like, who knows, Elite nfl jerseys,privately but same stuff.

Woman irony Carlo Lena did not anger manifested in the face, her smile casually replied: “I have said, that is just my friend sent me to work just touches you, Selena, see look seems to be looking for a new boyfriend Well you can be really efficient, last week the blond guy, so kick? ”

That is called Serena hear Carlo Lena’s words, his face immediately after and one black.

Before she is indeed handed over a blonde male model boyfriend, but she later suspected that model is no money to put him to kick. However, this is definitely not the last week of the thing. Obviously, she knows her by Carlo Lena to overcast an



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