Is the decline of the Honey Bee populations making crops more expensive than they ever have been?



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    I would say it absolutely is a factor in the increase in food prices. THe loss of a quarter of the United States’ bee colonies led to an $8-12 billion dollar effect on the American agricultural economy, in 2007.

    The loss of honeybees is a catastrophic disaster. We rely on bees to pollinate most of the plants that we consume, and if they disappear, who knows what we will do? Your question is an excellent one to consider, and definitely something to be mindful of!

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    Bee populations have been on the drastic decline, research suggests anywhere from 50%-90% in reduction within the last fifty years.  Over a third of our food supply depends on the pollination conducted by honey bees.  Although there has not been specific numbers, Mr. Mary Berenbaum, a entomology research states that the financial estimates of these losses have ranged within the billions of dollars.

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