Is de-clawing your cat bad for it?



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    Declawing is labeled inhumane all over the rest of the world, and it is illegal in almost all of Europe. Declawing is painful with a long recovery period and has been called “mutilation” by many veterinarians. Claws are not just a defense mechanism, but they are a way of life for your cat. Should your cat be outdoors, it needs its claws for running, jumping, climbing, hunting, and most any physical activity.

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    There are a lot of objections to declawing cats. It’s equivalent to cutting off the first joint of the finger and many dismiss it at inhumane and mutilation. Speaking from experience, it can cause cats to have pain when walking and result in life-long sensitivity and irritation which can be harmful to the cat’s quality of life. And it also removes an important defense mechanism on the part of the cat should it ever go outside or find itself in a dangerous situation. There are a lot less controversial ways to keep cats from scratching up your furniture — giving cats a scratching post so they have something “safe” to tear up, trimming the cat’s claws (although it can be hard to get them to cooperate), or putting vinyl or plastic sheaths such as Soft Paws over the cat’s claws.

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