Is the damage done to forests by acid rain visible to everyone or just scientists?



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    Forest damage due to acid rain is visible if you know what you are looking for. Acid rain tends to deplete trees of various nutrients and the tree exhibits the symptoms of a diseased and dying tree. Leaves are lighter, dying, and overall trees are dying. This looks different in different species but if you can tell what a dying tree looks like it can be visibly apparent to the average citizen. Additionally, damage to rock structures in the way of deteriorating limestone statues and buildings, is another visible example of acid rain damage.

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    The damage done by acid rain on forests varies. Acid rain on forests can cause slower growth, can cause the needles and leaves to turn brown and die, and can even cause the death of a tree or the death of an entire area of trees. The effects of acid rain on forests are most visible in the high elevation forests of the Appalachian Mountains from Maine to Georgia. Noticing something like an entire area with dead trees would be easier than determining dead branches on a tree or slower growth caused by acid rain, which is generally done by scientists and foresters.

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