Is the Dallas Cowboys stadium LEED certified?



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    As far as I can tell it’s not. However, the stadium did put in place a slew of green measures. For instance, its cuts in solid waste (by 25%), energy consumption (by 20%), and cutting water consumption by one million gallons annually led to the the SunRun home solar company selecting it as the 5th greenest stadium in the NFL. Also, much of the cabinetry and wood work in the 200 luxury boxes utilised eco-certified and sustainably developed materials. Then more generally, the reflective roof was designed to curb energy consumption, natural lighting and ventilation was utilised where possible, and even the parking lots were designed to facilitate storm water run-off.


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    The Cowboys stadium isn’t LEED certified yet, but has plans to be soon. It is considered to be one of the most green stadiums in the NFL.

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