Currently, what are the best recycler facility methods, processes, & equipment used for breaking down & recyling various electronic device waste?

Dealing w/ huge quantities of used or broken VCRs, TVs, Cellphones, Computers, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, PDA’s, Laptops, Large Screen TVs, Cable converter boxes, Remote Controls, Stereos, Amplifiers, Speakers, Video Games, etc..



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    The process generally begins with workers on an assembly line manually dismantling the electronic device, sorting out recyclable plastic or wooden casing from metal chassis and circuit boards.  Cathode ray tubes are collected and loaded into a special CRT crushing device.  A magnetic system separates the glass from the metal and separates the materials from crushed cathode ray tubes into separate containers for shipment.  Circuit boards are smelted and used to extract materials such as lead and gold.

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