Is curbside pickup of recyclables increasing in U.S. Cities or decreasing?



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    Recycling has steadily been on the rise, as awareness grows and resources and infrastructure become more widely available.  According to a recent report, 28% of waste in America is recycled, which marks significant progress over the past decade.  Cities such as Denver Colorado and Portland Oregon (my place of residence) have been getting a lot of media attention for setting the example in recycling initiatives and other “green” innovations.  When I walk about the city, I see recycling bins in practically every eatery and on every street corner.  Comparing that to my personal memories of working within the Sanitation Department in the year 2000, I’m optimistic about the state of recycling, but of course there’s always room for improvement.  Especially as populations grow at an increasing rate, the importance of recycling becomes more and more imminent.

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